Game Ready® for Wrist Sprains

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A sprained wrist can hinder a lot of the things we do on a regular daily basis from opening doors to lifting bags. Game Ready® for Wrist SprainsIf you ever have a sprained wrist, it is important to find the best way to heal fast and recover your normal full range of motion. Fortunately, Game Ready® cold compression exists as a recovery solution to a sprained wrist.

The sooner you apply cold to your sprained wrist the better. Game Ready® with active compression delivers cold therapy that works faster, penetrates deeper and lasts longer than other treatment modalities. The cold compression wraps incorporate an active temperature exchange unit that maintains cool temperature and pneumatic compression. Specifically, compression to the wrist can help minimize swelling and the ice-cold temperature can decrease your body’s inflammatory response.

The Game Ready® Hand/Wrist Wrap is perfect for a sprained wrist as one size fits all and it fits both the left and right hand. This wrap features adjustable ergonomic hand support and customizable insulation zones for a more personalization. As for the machine that will deliver cold compression, we recommend the Game Ready® GRPro 2.1 Control Unit. This control unit can be used with most Game Ready® wraps.

If you are recovering from a sprained wrist, it is good ask your doctor about using Game Ready® for home use. To begin healing you just need to follow some simple setup instructions, and then let the device do all the work.

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Article written by William Graves.