Getting Started with a Kettlebell

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When it comes to exercising with free weights most people associate it with dumbbells. Getting Started with a KettlebellHowever, that is not necessarily the case as there a lot of different weight options to choose from when exercising with free weights. For example, Kettlebells are a great free weight option. Using a kettlebell is very effective when it comes to building strength and stamina.

Kettlebell exercises come with plenty of benefits and can work on several muscle groups at once. These oddly shaped pieces of exercise equipment date back all the way to 1700s where they were once used by Russian strongmen to improve their strength and endurance. These free weights are typically made of iron or steel and are usually covered in a vinyl coating. They also have a handle that is normally covered with rubber or vinyl for a comfortable grip. Kettlebells are available in a wide range of weight amounts and sizes and which make them perfect for a wide range of users – beginners to athletes.

If you are just starting strength exercises, it is recommended you start with the kettlebell instead of other fitness equipment. If you use kettlebells of a lighter weight, you can focus on working on your exercise technique first. This will reduce risk of injury, as you can practice performing the exercise with proper form before advancing to a heavier weight. When you are more comfortable or if you have used a kettlebell before, you can use heavier weights and start exercising more than two times per week.

Kettlebells may seem like a weirdly shaped free weight, but they have proven to be very effective. They come in various shapes and sizes and you can do a total body workout with them. Next time you choose to exercise with free weights, try using a kettlebell.

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Article written by William Graves.