Homeschool with the CanDo® Donut Ball

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Are you one of the many parents who is now forced to homeschool you child? Homeschool with the CanDo® Donut BallTeaching your kid at home is not an easy thing to do, especially if your kid will not sit still. Need a solution to this problem? Try changing your child’s seat to one that is both fun and promotes active sitting. Introducing the CanDo® Inflatable Donut Ball, a unique balance challenge that promotes active sitting for kids.

Some kids have more energy than others and just cannot quite sit still when it is time to learn. This can be a pain point for you as a parent. Your child must be able to learn so they won’t fall behind in the next school year. By using a seat that promotes active sitting your child has a way to expel this excess energy so they can focus on their schoolwork. One active sitting tool that can be used as a seat for your child is the CanDo® Donut Ball. With this seat your kid can bounce around a little, while reading, doing math, or watching a video class.

CanDo® Inflatable Donut Balls are the ideal tool for your child because not only are they fun to use, they also improve balance, strength and stability. They give similar benefits like an inflatable ball, but they feature a unique flat side which prevents the ball from rolling away. Each Donut Ball comes in different colors and sizes. For younger kids, we recommend using the yellow and orange Donut Balls as they should be the perfect size for your kid. These Donut Balls are non-slip and latex-free, so you do not have to worry about your kid having an allergic reaction. Safety also is our top concern as our donut ball is made of a durable PVC material that can support up to 300 lbs.

The CanDo® Donut Ball is great for kids who are stuck at home and have trouble focusing on schoolwork. This type of seat can help drain extra energy your child may have and keep your child focused.

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Article written by William Graves.