How Ball Chairs Can Get You Moving More

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How Ball Chairs Can Get You Moving More

How Ball Chairs Can Get You Moving More

It’s time to swap out your office chair for a stability ball chair! In keeping with last week’s blog about finding time in the day to exercise, we have one more tip, using a ball chair. Having a ball chair at your desk instead of a regular old chair can really help with improving your overall health while you work. This is because you are doing what is called active sitting and this can be done with a CanDo® Ball Chair.

Active or dynamic sitting is a method of keeping your body moving while you are seated. Kind of like a child who had to much candy and is told to sit still. Active sitting can encourage consistent muscle contraction, which forces blood circulation and improves concentration. This is due to the natural imbalance of the inflatable ball you are sitting on. Normal chairs have you sitting still because there is a cushion to keep you comfortable and balanced. The imbalance of the CanDo® Ball Chair forces your body to move while trying to find balance. This can be very beneficial because you are burning calories and getting your body moving while you get work done. You can also use the ball to bounce up and down. Which is not only fun but can be a great way to get your body moving while you sit.

Not only can the CanDo® Ball Chair get you moving again, but there are also other benefits that it can provide. Thanks to the ball therapy mixed with the convenience of a chair base, the CanDo® Ball Chair can help with back pain and help improve posture. The high quality, dynamic ball can also provide gentle mobility stretches for your pelvis, and spine while you sit on it. There is no need to worry about the ball rolling away either. This is because it is held securely in place by the base of the chair. Our beautifully made ball chair comes in multiple variations. You can choose the frame of the chair to come in metal or plastic and have it with or without arms. If you choose the plastic frame, you can also choose to have no backing to it. Best of all, you can choose the color of the ball so that you can actively sit on your favorite color.

The CanDo® Ball Chair can be both a fun and beneficial way to sit. You can actively sit and get work done or bounce around if you get bored. Active sitting is a great way to improve you overall health and can help you focus. So don’t just sit still, get active! With the CanDo® Ball Chair.

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Article written by William Graves.