How CBD Treatments Work

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How CBD Treatments Work

Have you ever used CBD treatments? There is a growing amount of evidence that shows CBD could enhance a user’s workout performance. It also shows CBD has many therapeutic properties, such as quicker muscle recovery, increased pain relief, and improved sleep. CBD comes in many forms – gummies, pill, creams and more. With so many options on how to use CBD, the real question is should you use topical CBD or ingest it orally?

How Topical CBD Works

Topical CBD treatments are usually a cream or gel that you can apply to your skin. One topical CBD product we suggest is the Roll-On Gel from Tiger Tail. By applying it directly to areas in pain you can get some much-needed pain relief. This happens due to the cool and warm sensations this product creates. It increases blood flow in the skin and penetrates deep into the muscles, helping to reduce inflammation. This CBD Gel contains ZERO traces of THC which is the psychoactive compound of cannabis. The only active ingredient found in this gel from cannabis is the IsoCannabinoid a.k.a CBD. The CBD is infused with Menthol and Camphor to quickly soothe sore muscles.

How Oral CBD Works

Topical CBD is only localized to a specific area. However, you can use oral CBD on a larger scale. By ingesting AmourCBD’s softgel or gummies, you are getting a much more potent and reliable effect from the CBD. This is because the oral CBD enters your bloodstream and can reach cannabinoid receptors throughout your entire body. Your body can feel stronger anti-inflammatory effects that can get to the root of the pain. Oral CBD treatments are perfect for those who have muscle and joint pain in more than just one part of the body.

Whether you use topical or oral CBD depends on your body and how intense the pain is. If you have post-workout muscle soreness in one particular area than you should use the topical gel. However, if you have more chronic muscle and joint pain, it makes more sense to use the oral CBD. Please talk to your doctor if you are considering trying CBD for pain relief.

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Article written by William Graves.