How Do Face Shields Help?

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How Do Face Shields Help?

With hundreds of millions of Americans wearing face masks nowadays, did you ever wonder if there was an alternative option? If you find reusable and disposable face masks uncomfortable to breathe with, wearing face shields could be a better option.

Though not as stylish as a face mask, the clear plastic face shield is both quick and affordable to produce for manufacturers and can be just as effective. It is also more comfortable, because you place it on your head and it doesn’t cover your entire mouth. Even though it is not directly covering your mouth, the clear plastic face shield is just as effective when worn properly. In fact, it is used by many health care personnel today because of just how effective and reusable they are. Just apply a little soap and water to clean it off and then you are good to be used again.

For increased protection, you can wear both your face mask and your face shield. There is still research being done about how effective a face shield is if you are the one who is coughing because it may not prevent others from getting what you have. So, it may be a good idea to use a face mask in addition to your face shield to protect others from yourself and protect you from others. However, covering your face and mouth is only one part of the prevention of viruses. You still need to social distance yourself and wash your hands frequently. You can still get the virus if you touch something and then proceed to touch your face without washing or sanitizing your hands.

The face shield is a great alternative option to a face mask and can even have more benefits for some people. It can be used in combination with your face mask for the ultimate protection against viruses. Using the face shield as well as washing your hands and maintaining social distancing can help stop the spread of harmful viruses.

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Article written by William Graves.