How Pain Works

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If you have ever stubbed your toe or have gotten a paper cut, you know what pain feels like. Pain Relieving ToolsYou get an immediate sharp sensation at the injured area followed by a much duller feeling and possibly a scream. If the injury isn’t serious, the pain will eventually go away. For something more serious, a physician will need to be involved to help treat the pain. Pain is the most common reason why people seek medical attention but what is pain and how does it work?

To put it simply, pain is an unpleasant sensation from your neurological system in response to an illness or injury. Any illness or injury can cause this sensation and pain can be extremely subjective. Pain is subjective because everyone experiences pain differently. Different people have varying levels of pain tolerance. Someone else who gets that same paper cut might think it is less painful than you do. This is because your pain signals receiving this stimulus is transmitting the stimulus as more painful.

The next step after feeling pain is the reaction of how to treat it. After the pain is received to the brain, it then decides what actions should be taken to resolve the situation. The healing process differs depending on how severe the pain is. Some pain can be treated by yourself while other pain might be chronic and need something more than an ice pack to make it better.

There are a variety of pain relieving gels, medications and stimulants to help treat the discomfort from pain. The best kind of pain reliever is recommended by your doctor to mend to your specific needs.

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Article written by William Graves.