How Physical Therapy Can Help with Back Pain

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How Physical Therapy Can Help with Back Pain

Backaches are no fun, especially when they happen suddenly and for no real reason. One minute you are fine and the next minute, you bend down wrong to pick something up and now you are in pain. While becoming a couch potato might be an enticing option for a couple of days, it is far more beneficial to go to physical therapy for your back pain. Going to physical therapy may help to decrease back pain, increase function, and prevent back problems from occurring in the future.

Now, I know what you may be thinking: getting up and moving is the last thing on your mind. Believe it or not, physical therapy and exercise can be the best ways to reduce pain. Light aerobic exercises such as jogging, or walking have been shown to decrease back pain. When it comes to physical therapy, it is hyper-customized to the individual. There is not one specific exercise that will help everyone with back pain because everyone is different.

It is important to work with your physical therapist to find the right exercises that fit your needs. The sooner you get to physical therapy for back pain, the less likely you are to have worse complications in the future. With just a couple of weeks of physical therapy now, the less likely you are to need other, costlier treatment options such as surgery.

Of course, you can do certain treatments at home to help you deal with your back pain. You can do those light aerobic exercises as well as use a heating pad. You can even take certain over-the-counter medications to help with pain relief. But what you can’t get is the helpful advice and education that comes with doing physical therapy. For instance, one thing you should not do is an exercise that increases your pain. It may seem obvious but any exercise for back pain should relieve pain and not add to it. Learning from your physical therapist will help educate you on how your body works and how to possibly prevent back problems in the future.

Before you do any exercise for back pain, be sure to contact your doctor or physical therapist first. They will know what is best for you and may even recommend some exercises for you. Yes, you can do some general exercises by yourself at home but going to physical therapy allows for a fully customized experience that caters to you. Physical therapy is not just a place to get better; it is also a place to get educated about your body.

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Article written by William Graves.