How Should We Strengthen the Shoulder? Rhythmic Stabilization.

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How Should We Strengthen the Shoulder? Rhythmic Stabilization.

Shoulder pain is a common condition experienced by many people. Individuals may need to strengthen specific muscles to help reduce symptoms. Traditional shoulder exercises typically will focus on one plane of movement.  However, the human body moves and functions in more than one plane of movement.  These planes include coronal, sagittal, and transverse. Sometimes we need to be able to challenge more than one plane during a specific movement pattern to help patients reach their goals. Therefore, we should try to find exercises that utilize the idea of dynamic stabilization to help address impairments and functional limitations. Using rhythmic stabilization can improve overall strength and performance, as well as optimize shoulder stabilization during activity.

How Should We Strengthen the Shoulder? Rhythmic Stabilization.

What can help improve shoulder stabilization?

The CanDo® 360 Stick Upper Body Exerciser is a great way to improve overall dynamic stability of the shoulder joint. This lightweight device is specially designed to improve your strength, balance, coordination, and posture. Weighing only 2 lbs. (0.9 kg), the CanDo® 360 Stick features a soft grip in the center that’s comfortable to hold and positions your hands to properly perform the vibration and oscillation (rotational) movements. By simply moving your arms back and forth you create a low-level vibration or by moving your arms in a circular motion you create an oscillation movement. The faster you move your arms, the greater resistance you will feel. Allowing the user to experience an intense upper body workout, The CanDo® 360 Stick is the perfect addition to any clinic or training facility. It is ideal for rehabilitation exercises, sports training, or any general fitness activities.

Next time you prescribe shoulder exercises, consider the other cardinal planes, and see how it can be implemented into your patient’s plan of care.

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Article Written By Eric Trauber, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, FAAOMPT