The Importance of Forearm Strength

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If you think that forearm strength is only good for opening pickle jars, it is time to get a grip! Forearm strengthForearm strength is more important than you may think. It not only promotes grip strength, it helps prevent injuries.

Like your calves, your forearms can only grow so much until it will hit its max growth. However, this doesn’t mean forearms are any less important than the rest of your arms. Forearm strength is key for having a good grip. Whether you realize it or not, people use grip for a lot of things throughout their daily lives. We use grip strength to open doors, hold drinks and carry bags among other things. If your grip strength isn’t great you will probably have a difficult time performing most of these daily tasks. Weak forearm strength can affect your workout as well. Lifting weights such as dumbbells will become harder if you don’t have the strength to grip them properly.

Strong forearm strength is also perceived well in the business world. A firm handshake can show confidence and personality. Those who have a strong handshake may be able the close deals better and leave a good impression.

Injuries can also be prevented by improving your forearm strength. You can prevent chronic repetitive motion injuries, such as tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome, through conditioning your forearm mobility, strength and endurance.

Strength in your forearms is vital as it impacts your fingers, forearms, thumbs and wrists. To ease your daily actives and prevent future injuries we recommend that you take steps to increase your forearm strength.

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Article written by William Graves.