Increase Safety with a FabSafe™ Fall Mat

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This week is Patient Safety Awareness Week. Increase Safety with a FabSafe™ Fall MatWith that in mind, we want to stress that doctors as well as patients should practice caution to lessen medical mistakes. As a doctor it is always good to seek new safety tools to help your patients. One product that can help with patient safety is a FabSafe™ Fall Mat. With this mat, doctors and caregivers can reduce the risk of injury by providing a cushioned spot in case your patient falls out of bed.

If you’ve ever been to the hospital, you’ll notice a lot of the patient beds are high off the ground. While this helps doctors and nurses treating the patient, it can cause injury to the patient if he becomes disoriented at night and falls out of bed. Some clinic and hospital beds do not have a safety rail, which further increases the risk of a fall. To prepare for a fall, doctors should consider using a cushioned mat on the floor. The FabSafe™ Fall Mat has enough cushion to lessen the impact of a fall and helps keep your patient safe. Made from a high-density foam, the mat is soft to walk on and features tapered edges for wheelchair access if needed.

If you want to improve patient safety in your hospital or clinic, we recommend the FabSafe™ Fall Mat. With this mat you can help reduce the worry a patient or family member might have of them falling out of bed by accident. If a fall does occur, this mat can lessen the impact and reduce the risk of serious injury.

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Article written by William Graves.