Infographic: foam roll it out

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Foam rolling is one of the biggest fitness trends of 2016. It was introduced by physical therapists to help their patients achieve self-myofascial release. Foam rolling increases blood flow, throughout the body, improves movement, and increases range-of-motion.

Fitness expert Jenn Zerling recently developed a daily foam rolling routine designed to help overactive muscles and muscle imbalances. We originally found the routine on the Huffington Post‘s website and put it into this infographic for easy reference.

Before you begin:

  • Your primary healthcare provider should determine your fitness routine. See your doctor before you begin this or any other exercise program.
  • Jenn recommends performing this routine on a daily basis. She recommends performing each move for one minute.
  • We recommend performing this routine with one of our CanDo® Composite foam rollers. These foam rollers are made of a molded composite foam for a deep massage.