Jump Into Action with The Jumper®

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If you ever wanted a balance trainer that can do more than just improve your balance, the TOGU® Jumper® Stability Dome may be right for you. The Jumper®The Jumper® is a multi-functional stability dome used for strength and endurance training. Thanks in part to its versatility, it can be used to train virtually every muscle group. Balance, coordination and sensorimotor skills can all be greatly improved with this balance tool.

Though inflated by air, the Jumper® is very resilient. It can withstand up to 440 lbs of force and is non-slip for safety. This tool feels like a trampoline ball because of how dynamic and spirited the material is. The dome is made of durable ruton and the base is a fiberglass reinforced plate. You can change the stability of the dome by adding or removing air via a valve located on the dome. Adding more air makes the dome unstable and more challenging. Filling the dome with air to its capacity gives the Jumper® a trampoline effect that creates a lot of fun while training.

The Jumper® balance trainer can be used to perform a variety of exercises. The Jumper®Depending on how you exercise, the Jumper® can be used while standing, jumping, sitting or lying down. With so many exercise options to try with the Jumper®, it can be hard to decide what to try first.

To begin training here is a simple exercise to get you started. This one specifically targets and trains your buttock and thigh muscles:

Start by standing to the side of the Jumper®, either side is fine. Next squat your inner leg onto the Jumper®. Then propel your body upwards and jump to the other side of the jumper. When you are on the other side, do the same motion for a full rep. Continue until you are tired and feel the burn in your thighs and glutes. Before performing this exercise or using the Jumper® please consult with your trainer or specialist to see if this tool is right for you.

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Article written by William Graves.