New Year’s Fitness Resolution Tools

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Do you know roughly 59% of people who have a fitness goal at the beginning of the year end up quitting? This does not have to be you. It’s important to remain focused and committed. Part of the reason why people end up quitting their fitness resolution is because they can’t find an exercise that is right for them. CanDo® offers a variety of products you can use to keep your exercises fun and interesting. Below we’ve listed some of our favorite exercise tools.

CanDo® Black Composite Foam Rollers

Fitness Resolution - CanDo® Black Composite Foam Rollers

One exercise tool that is great pre and post workout is our CanDo® Black Composite Foam Roller. It the perfect tool to help with stretching before and after a workout. Use it to increase your blood flow to really get your blood pumping for a hard workout. It is also great to use to calm tight muscles following intensive workouts, like CrossFit, yoga, Pilates, weight training, bodybuilding and even dance. These black composite rollers are very durable as they feature a premium molded foam that is firmer and more rugged than polyethylene, allowing them to hold their shape after repeated use. They are available in round or half-round options and come in a variety of sizes to fit different needs.

CanDo® Donut Ball

CanDo® Donut Ball

For people who need more balance in their life, the CanDo® Donut Ball offers that balance challenge. You can use it for exercise workouts, core training sessions, stability training, Yoga, Pilates and balance training just to name a few. The Donut Ball offers the balance challenge of an exercise ball, but its unique shape adds stability while sitting, making it perfect for work or the classroom. People can also use a donut ball to enhance exercises they already do. For example, practicing a push-up on a donut ball adds a new balance challenge that can engage more muscles.

Sup-R Band® resistance bands

Sup-R Band® resistance bands

If you want an exercise tool that can offer a variety of exercises, we recommend Sup-R Band® resistance bands. These bands are truly super as they are perfect for rehabilitation, fitness, physical therapy and athletic training. You can use these bands for upper, lower and even core exercises. You can also make things interesting because you can change up your exercise routine day to day with all the different exercises you can do. Additionally, resistance bands are very portable, as you can fit them in your pocket or bag to get a workout in on-the-go. Our Sup-R Band® resistance bands come in all shapes and sizes and are also latex-free for those who can’t use latex.

For a fun and interesting workout this year, choose CanDo®. There are a variety of exercise tools for you to choose from that can fit your every need and help you keep your fitness resolution.

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Article written by William Graves.