Keeping Safe with TOGU® Inflatable Exercise Balls

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When it comes to exercising, safety should always be your top concern. 30-4020_INUSEIf you are not aware of the potential safety hazards, serious injury can occur. Luckily, a lot of companies have safety measures built-in to their products, making it easy to keep safe while being active. One such company is TOGU®.

TOGU® Inflatable Exercise Balls, are designed with ABS® technology for safety. ABS® stands for anti-burst system. This means that, if for some reason the ball gets punctured, air will not immediately leave the ball. Instead, the air will slowly release from the ball, allowing for a slow descent to the ground. This helps with safety as the user will not collapse with the ball. Users could hurt themselves by either falling on their own weight, or by having weights fall on them self if they were also using heavy weights with the exercise ball.

The best part about the TOGU® ABS® balls is that they work and look the same as any regular inflatable exercise ball. One thing that is different though is the material these exercise balls are made out of. The material is very skin-friendly, latex-free and contains no forbidden emollients.

Exercise with safety in mind with TOGU® Inflatable Exercise Balls. ABS® Anti-Burst technology provides an added layer of safety when punctured for better protection against falls. Please consult with your therapist or doctor before any physical activity with TOGU® Inflatable Exercise Balls.

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Article written by William Graves.