Easily attach to standard 6" round foam rollers, allowing users to enhance their existing foam roller investment. Patent-pending design offers customization, progression and versatility. Ridged surface and 4 progressive densities support varying degrees of tissue mobilization. Yellow (X-Soft) provides extra cushion for more delicate patients through Blue (X-Firm) for advanced fascia mobilization. Include detailed color instructions featuring general techniques and advanced exercises divided by muscle region. Highly durable closed-cell foam extends product life and maintains its form.
    Thumbsavers are an affordable massage ‘tool’ that assists any health care practitioner who is utilizing their hands by providing much needed support. 
    The CranioCradle® is designed to feel and function like skilled therapeutic hands under the body. It gently relaxes tense muscles, relieves aches, pains and fatigue and provides deep relaxation. Multiple positions under the head, neck, body, and sacrum to decompress vertebrae, create mild traction, release trigger points, enable still points and melt away restrictions and stress throughout the body. Use the CranioCradle® to ease headaches, Migraines, chronic neck & shoulder pain, TMJ, whiplash & low back aches. It’s easy to use and works in minutes.
    Thera Cane was developed by a chronic pain patient looking to relieve his own discomfort resulting from neck surgery and a herniated disc in his back. Each patent-protected Thera Cane product is uniquely designed for ergonomic comfort and maximum relief. All can be used sitting, standing or lying down depending on where the pain is and which approach will obtain the best angle of penetration to relieve the trigger point. All Thera Cane products are made in the USA and are Latex-free.