National Safety Month 2020

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Do you know that June is National Safety Month? National Safety Month 2020Observed annually during the month of June by the National Safety Council (NSC), National Safety Month looks to promote safety both inside and outside the workplace. Now, more than ever, it is important to recognize the importance of workplace safety as many people go back to work.

This year, among other pressing topics, the NSC is raising awareness about mental health in the workplace. COVID-19 does not just affect your body, it can affect your mind even when you do not have the virus. This is because everyone is trying to be careful and you sometimes cannot tell if someone has the virus just by looking at them. This can cause people to be more defensive and on edge. By going back to work, you are not in the safety of your own home making you constantly think about getting the virus. This can be emotionally draining and really affect your mental health. Therefore, it is important for your company to take certain safety measures to help your overall health.

To stop mental health issues from happening, learn to trust that your company is doing the right thing by taking the right precautions. Many companies, including our own, are now taking many steps to keep you safe during this uncertain time. Measures put in place include practicing social distancing, putting up barriers, sanitizing desks and bathrooms everyday and providing the proper PPE equipment. If you feel unsafe, be sure to let your supervisor know so that they can help resolve the issue. All these actions should help with your mental help and help you feel safe in the workplace.

There are other topics that the NSC focuses on during this month, but mental health should be a high priority topic to raise awareness for. If you feel you are having mental health issues because of the workplace, please consult a friend or a medical professional.

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Article written by William Graves.