Paraffin Wax Treatment at Home

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Paraffin Wax Treatment at Home

Sometimes a paraffin wax treatment at a salon or spa can be expensive. Treatments can really add up, especially if you like to use it a lot. To save money, some people turn to using paraffin wax at home. Our WaxWel® Paraffin Bath is the ideal solution for anyone trying to use paraffin wax at home.

WaxWel® is the ideal paraffin wax treatment solution for anyone who wants to treat themselves at home. With this bath you can easily soothe and moisturize your hands and feet all in the comfort of your own home. This heavy-duty bath unit can accommodate a man’s foot size of 12.5 while also being extremely portable. You can use it anywhere around the house that you see fit. The bath can operate within a temperature range of 125 – 134 degrees Fahrenheit. Meaning you can safely put your foot or hand in the unit without fear of being burned.

Our WaxWel® bath unit comes with everything you need, reducing the number of supplies you would need if you did not have a portable paraffin wax bath. There are several different accessory packages to choose from, with each package having a different kind of paraffin wax. Choose from the original odorless paraffin wax or select from five different scents. Depending on your preference you may want wintergreen, lavender, citrus, peach or rose. They are all great choices because they allow your hands and feet to feel soft and smell great. Each package also contains 100 liners, 1 mitt, and 1 bootie. So, you can treat yourself for a while before needing new liners and wax.

If you want to give yourself a paraffin wax treatment in the comfort of your own home, don’t use a cooking pot. WaxWel® takes away the need of unnecessary equipment and provides optimal paraffin therapy. So what are you waiting for? Try WaxWel® today!

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Article written by William Graves.