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Step Up furniture offers a little extra lift for those kids who need more help.

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15-2252 Potty Step $192.50
Potty Step:
An ingenious necessity for potty trained little folks who need an extra lift. The step includes no-slip treads and fits snugly to provide just the right height for little ones to use a full sized toilet.

Dimensions: 14.75" x 7.5" x 19.75"

Weight: 11 lbs

UPC: 713863000819

Notice: Typically ships in 2 weeks.

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15-2253 Step Up, Low Stairs $260.00
Step Up, Low Stairs:
This durable step stool is designed for children who are more sure-footed but not yet tall enough to reach intended targets. Features include two non-skid treads on each step and smooth rounded corners that provide a very safe climbing experience for a young child.

Dimensions: 16" x 14.75" x 19"

Weight: 19 lbs

UPC: 713863000864

Notice: Typically ships in 2 weeks.

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15-2254 Step Up, Tall Stairs $525.00
Step Up, Tall Stairs:
Perfect for the younger, not-so-tall stepper, the high back and sides of this stool provide extra support for leaning against counters and help to prevent missteps. For added safety, each step is trimmed with two non-skid treads and all edges and hand holds are rounded over and smooth.

Dimensions: 16" x 35.5" x 19"

Weight: 27 lbs

UPC: 713863000888

Notice: Typically ships in 2 weeks.

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15-2270 Stool $327.50
An important seating variation to accommodate flexible Early Learning environments! Children each learn differently so the more flexible a classroom design is, the more comfortable and engaged they become. The 12-inch diameter, 20-inch seat height of our stool provides Early Learners a different seating option to engage in classroom activities. Constructed in beautiful, durable 18mm birch plywood to integrate seamlessly with your other Early Learning classroom furniture. Ideal for use with our WB0183 Stand Up Table, sold separately.

Dimensions: 12" x 20" x 12"

Weight: 9 lbs

UPC: 713863001823

Notice: Typically ships in 2 weeks.

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15-2455 Toddler Step And Ramp $420.00
Toddler Step And Ramp:
Early walkers need to develop gross motor skills and confidence, and they'll love the challenge of navigating the stairs and slide while the cute, colorful ladybug cheers them on. All edges are rounded over and sanded smooth for safety. Easy assembly.

Dimensions: 16" x 19.5" x 36.25"

Weight: 30 lbs

UPC: 713863021142

Notice: Typically ships in 2 weeks.

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15-2516 Slide With Stairs And Tunnel $725.00
Slide With Stairs And Tunnel:
Toddlers build mobility confidence! Our slide with stairs and tunnel provides fun and encouragement to toddlers as they learn to climb steps and then enjoy the safe ride down. All edges and corners have been rounded over and sanded smooth for safety.

Dimensions: 16.5" x 28" x 59"

Weight: 59 lbs

UPC: 713863081153

Notice: Typically ships in 2 weeks.

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