Preparing for Winter Joint Stiffness

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With this week marking the beginning of December, we all know that winter is coming very soon. Preparing for Winter Joint StiffnessWith Winter, comes cold weather. When it gets cold outside, our joints tend to stiffen and can cause some pain and discomfort. It is a good thing to be prepared for when this happens. For fast-acting, soothing, temporary relief of joint stiffness and pain we recommend Point Relief® ColdSpot™ Topical Analgesic.

ColdSpot™ is an over-the-counter topical analgesic by Point Relief® that offers soothing, temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints. Its all-natural ingredients help temporarily relieve pain from backaches, arthritis, bruises, strains and sprains. Added menthol provides a refreshing Peppermint scent.

If your joints start to bother you in the cold Winter weather, simply apply ColdSpot™ to the affected area. There are a variety of different ways to apply ColdSpot™. It is available with gel, roll-on and spray applicators, allowing the user to choose what works best for him or her. Roll-on, and spray bottles are easy to have on hand and take wherever you go. Gel is great to use in clinic environments or at home to treat larger treatment areas.

Please note that Point Relief® ColdSpot™ only provides temporary pain relief and is not meant to cure joint stiffness. Please consult your doctor before using Point Relief® ColdSpot™ to relieve your joint pains this winter.

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Article written by William Graves.