Product Spotlight: Baseline® Body Fat Scale

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BMI is not the only measurement for determining how much body fat you have. There are many other tools that can measure your body fat percentage. Measuring your body fat percentage is considered by some medical professionals as a more accurate way of determining body fat. To easily measure your body fat percentage, we recommend using a Baseline® Body Fat Scale.

The Baseline® Body Fat Scale is the best when it comes to measuring body fat percentage. This is because, unlike BMI, the percentage is automatically calculated for you when you use the scale. Unlike ordinary scales, this scale not only measures your weight, it also measures your body water and body fat percentage.

Fat in your body is not all evil. In fact, having a certain amount of fat is essential for the body to use and make energy. Seeing a percentage of fat on the Baseline® scale is perfectly normal as no human being with 0% body fat is considered healthy. For adult women, a body fat percentage of anywhere from 21% to 36% is considered healthy and for men it is anywhere from 12% to 25% is considered healthy. If your body fat goes beyond that percentage, you may want to check with your doctor on how you can lower your body fat percentage to reduce health risks associated with being overweight.

Measuring your body fat percentage is a great way to accurately measure how much body fat you have. Being able to determine your body fat percentage can help you become aware if your fat percentage is healthy or not. Please consult your doctor before measuring your body fat percentage with the Baseline® Body Fat Scale.

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Article written by William Graves.