Product Spotlight: CanDo® Ball Chairs

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Have you used one of our CanDo® ball chairs before? If so, you may have noticed that the inflatable ball only comes in the color black. Product Spotlight: CanDo® Ball ChairsNow you can personalize your ball chair! For the first time, we are now offering more ball colors for our CanDo® ball chairs.

CanDo® ball chairs are great for those who want to actively sit. Each chair includes an inflatable exercise ball and chair base that provides an ergonomic seating system combining the benefits of ball therapy with the convenience of a chair base. Users can strengthen their core and get a nice workout in by simply sitting. Compared to regular chairs, the CanDo® ball chair requires balance and coordination in order to sit. It also straightens your back while you are sitting so you are not slumped over all the time. Good posture and actively sitting can lead to a better, healthier lifestyle.

On top of the health benefits that a CanDo® ball chair provides, it now comes in multiple colors for your choosing. You can choose from green, blue, red or the original ball color of black. You can also customize the kind of chair you will be sitting on. There are various models available for both children and adults, that can come with and without armrests and back pieces.

Try customizing your CanDo® ball chair with new inflatable ball colors. These chairs are great for those who want to actively sit and don’t want to submit to bad posture. If you feel that the CanDo® ball chair is right for you, please consult your doctor.

To check out the new colored ball chairs, click here.

Article written by William Graves.