Product Spotlight: CanDo® DIGI-Grip™

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Are you looking to improve strength and flexibility in your hands, fingers or forearms? CanDo® DIGI-Grip™If your hands are weak post-surgery or -injury, you may want to ask your doctor about using a CanDo® DIGI-Grip™ during your recovery.

The CanDo® DIGI-Grip™ can strengthen user’s fingers, hands and forearms. By using this tool, those who are recovering in a rehab clinic can get back to being able to grip things such as doorknobs much better. By using each button independently and locking the other buttons, you can exercise your fingers individually and develop isolated finger strength. This means you can exercise only the injured fingers that need to be strengthened. By compressing the entire unit, you can strengthen both your hands and forearms. Also, with the CanDo® DIGI-Grip™ users can improve flexibility and finger coordination. This is very beneficial for user performance in music, sports, fitness, and rehabilitation programs.

This hand exerciser is available in 8 color-coded resistance levels. As the users’ hands grow stronger, they can move up to using a color of a higher resistance level. This color change gives users a positive feedback as they can visually see, via the color of their exerciser, if they are making progress.

Hand exercisers are great for those who want to increase finger and hand grip strength. If you feel the CanDo® DIGI-Grip™ is right for you, please consult your hand specialist.

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Article written by William Graves.