Product Spotlight: CanDo® Finger Flexion Glove

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For people just beginning hand rehabilitation, their hands may be too weak to practice certain hand exercises. CanDo® Finger Flexion GloveThey may need an aid to help perform their rehabilitation exercises. One such aid that can be used to help improve hand mobility is the CanDo® Finger Flexion Glove.

The CanDo® Finger Flexion Glove is a rehabilitation aid that can help increase flexion of MP, PIP and DIP joints. Proximal interphalangeal joints or PIP joints are located between the first (also called proximal) and second (intermediate) phalanges. Distal interphalangeal joints or DIP joints, those between the second (intermediate) and third (distal) phalanges. While metacarpophalangeal joints or MP joints are situated between the metacarpal bones and the proximal phalanges of the digits. All these joints make up the joints in your hand and each needs to be treated differently based on the injury sustained.

Through use of the CanDo® Finger Flexion Glove, your joints will eventually be able to move again with less pain. This is due to the glove’s ability to increase hand and finger strength after surgery or injury by compressing and extending fingers. For a more natural alignment than the standard glove, try using the deluxe glove. For extra help with your thumb, try the CanDo® Deluxe with Thumb Finger Flexion Glove.

CanDo® Finger Flexion Gloves are great for those who had surgery or an injury to their hands. By compressing and extending your fingers, you will increase flexion of the MP, PIP and DIP joints. Prior to trying the CanDo® Finger Flexion Glove, please consult with your hand therapist.

To view our CanDo® Finger Flexion Glove, click here.

Article written by William Graves.