Product Spotlight: CanDo® Inflatable Balance Discs

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This year for National Chiropractic Month the American Chiropractic Association is placing focus on informing the public on the importance of your musculoskeletal (MSK) system. Product Spotlight: CanDo® Inflatable Balance DiscsOne exercise tool that can be used to help improve your MSK system is a CanDo® Inflatable Balance Disc.

Our CanDo® Inflatable Balance Disc is great for people who sit all day and want to stay active. It is used as a stability device to help strengthen your lower extremities such as your lower back. With lower back pain being one of the most common MSK complaints, it is good to use the CanDo® Inflatable Disc to help avoid injury. Just by sitting on this disc, you can engage your core muscles and “actively” sit.

The balance disc mimics the movement and shape of an inflatable ball and can be used on practically any seat. Each disc has one nubby side for tactile feedback and stimulation, and one flat side. You can use either side of the disc because they both provide proper balance training. It all depends on preference as you can also change the inflation level to customize your experience even further. To change this inflation level all you need to do is use a standard pump to change the level of vestibular challenge. Leave to disc inflated for an easier balance challenge or deflate the disc for more of a balance challenge.

The CanDo® inflatable balance disc is a great choice when it comes to strengthening and balancing your MSK system. The balance disc comes in various colors to choose from and also comes in two sizes. Ask your specialist if you think the CanDo® inflatable balance disc is right for you.

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Article written by William Graves.