Product Spotlight: CanDo® Inflatable Exercise Balls

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With CanDo® Inflatable Exercise Balls, all your core exercises can be enhanced with just a ball. CanDo® Inflatable Exercise BallsCanDo® Inflatable Balls can be used to improve balance, coordination, and flexibility. They also the perfect tool to strengthen muscles.

By following the 3 inflatable ball exercises from our article earlier this week, these balls can be used to aid in vestibular movement. There are various exercises that can be used with CanDo® inflatable balls. In a gym setting, fitness professionals can use CanDo® Inflatable Balls as an aid for stretching and strength training programs.

With an inflatable ball, users can also work on equilibrium therapy. This type of therapy improves balance and coordination which is needed for everyday life. With an inflatable ball, equilibrium therapy can be done anywhere, including the office. Just inflate your CanDo® ball and use it as a seat instead of a typical office chair.

CanDo® Inflatable Exercise Balls feature a non-slip PVC vinyl surface that is ribbed for extra security. You can customize the feel of your inflatable ball by changing the amount of air that is in it. Slightly deflate your ball to give it a soft, mushy feel or fully inflate your ball for a firm, bouncy feel. Try out an inflatable ball today if you are looking to improve your balance, coordination or strength!

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Article written by William Graves.