Product Spotlight: the CanDo® Magneciser®

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Are you the type of person who likes to workout at night? CanDo® Magneciser®Do your workouts wake up other members of your family? If you need an exercise tool that is designed to be quiet, try using the CanDo® Magneciser®!

The CanDo® Magneciser® pedal exerciser offers ultra-quiet magnetic, bi-directional resistance. It is perfect for exercising at home by yourself or in a clinic with a physical therapist. You can use it at night just before you go to bed to help with sleep. As mentioned in our previous article about benefits of a nighttime workout, a light workout at night can benefit your sleep if you are having trouble sleeping.

With this pedal exerciser you can perform both upper body and lower body exercises. Use the pedals on the exerciser for hand pedaling or foot pedaling. Each exercise unit comes with a fully automatic 5-function digital LCD display. This can show you your speed, elapsed time, calories, and distance. Resistance is controlled by turning the resistance knob so you can modify your exercise routine as you grow stronger.

The CanDo® Magneciser® is a great tool for those who like to exercise at night before bed in the comfort of their own home. With this tool you can quietly practice both upper and lower body workouts. If you feel that the CanDo® Magneciser® is right fit for your nighttime workouts, please consult with your specialist.

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Article written by William Graves.