Product Spotlight: CanDo® Multi-Grip Exerciser

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Fabrication Enterprises Inc is pleased to introduce the newest addition to the CanDo® product lineup, the CanDo® Multi-GripTM Exerciser.Multi-GripTM Exerciser

The CanDo® Multi-GripTM Exerciser has large and small grips built right into the exerciser. This enables the user to perform upper and lower body exercises at the same time. Large grips can be wrapped around the hands and feet, while small grips can be used as an anchor or for finger exercises. With these grips, the user’s hands are free so he or she can hold onto objects, like weights, while exercising with this exerciser.

Resistance can easily be changed by moving 1 grip up or down on the exerciser, or by using a different resistance level. CanDo® Multi-GripTM Exercisers are available in eight color-coded resistance levels in the Preferred Colors® sequence: tan (xx-light), yellow (x-light), red (light), green (medium), blue (heavy), black (x-heavy), silver (xx-heavy), gold (xxx-heavy).

This cloth exerciser is machine washable / dryable and contains no latex, no scent, and no powder coating. It is available in individual packs (9 grip, 6-foot exercisers) and bulk rolls (135 grip, 15 exercisers, 30 yd. rolls), for home and clinic use.

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