Product Spotlight: CanDo® Stockinette

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Has your doctor ever recommended that you use a stockinette sleeve? Product Spotlight: CanDo® StockinetteThere are multiple medical issues that stockinette can help with. As mentioned in our article “Stockinette in Sports”, stockinette can offer great compression for those who have bursitis, or it can be used for orthopedic purposes. CanDo® Stockinette is one type of product that may be recommended.

CanDo® Stockinette is a product line of medical garments and liners that can be used under orthotic devices such as casts and braces. They conform to the shape of the body, preventing wrinkles from forming under the cast or brace. These products also give a slight compression to the treatment area and prevent chaffing from occurring from wearing a cast or brace. CanDo® Stockinette comes in multiple colors and its available in cotton or nylon material. The cotton material works great with plaster casts while the nylon material adds durability to artificial limbs and other orthopedic appliances.

Our Stockinette is offered as a 25-yard roll or a pack of 10 pre-cut pieces. The 25-yard roll is meant for medical doctors who have a lot of patients that need to wear stockinette and need customized lengths to be cut. The pre-cuts pieces avoid the hassle of cutting from the stockinette roll and can be applied quickly. Pre-cuts pieces can be used on the right or left arm depending where the cast or brace is applied. They also come with or without thumb fabric based on what is preferred.

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Article written by William Graves.