Product Spotlight: Togu® Balance Boards

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Balance is key to performing most everyday tasks. Togu® Balance BoardsWithout good balance the simplest of tasks, such as walking across a room, can be daunting. As discussed in our previous blog, balance training with a balance board is one way you can improve your balance. By using a balance board, you can improve balance and stability, prevent future injuries, aid in rehabilitation, improve posture and reduce back pain among other things. Some of the most unique balance boards we have to offer are Togu® Balance Boards.

Togu® balance boards designed to strengthen and condition the user’s lower body. Through continued use these balance boards can improve ankle range-of-motion, balance, body awareness, and develop joint mobility and reaction skills. These boards feature air inflated balls found below the board that create a unique balancing effect. They are also made up of all different shapes and sizes to suit many needs.

Choose from a single ball board all the way up to a four-ball board. The Balanza® Trainer is single air-filled ball balance board. The single ball creates an unstable “floating” platform which is ideal for stabilization and coordination exercises. Use the “floating” platform to increase the challenge of pushups or use it for one leg balance exercises. If you are looking for a less challenging and more stable balance board to begin with, try a board with more balls underneath like the Balanza® BallStep Trainer.

With Togu® balance boards, there is a board for people of every fitness level and age. If you feel that the Togu® balance boards are right for you, please consult your doctor.

To check out our selection of Togu® balance boards, click here.

Article written by William Graves.