Product Spotlight: TOGU® Challenge Disc

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Would you like to add excitement to your exercise routine? Product Spotlight: Togu® Challenge DiscThen look no further than the TOGU® Challenge Disc 2.0!

As a device that is great for everyone, The TOGU® Challenge Disc enables the perfect amount of balance and coordination training. But this isn’t just any piece balance training equipment. The TOGU® Challenge Disc uses sensors combined with an exercise APP that measures and makes recommendations to improve your reactive, neuromuscular activation. Every time the user moves on the Challenge Disc, they are measured by this integrated sensor. This built-in motion sensor transfers movement data to the APP using Bluetooth 4.0 technology. The result is then shown as a score that’s calculated based on how well a user was able to keep the disc in a level position while standing on it.

Sometimes balance training can be boring and uninspiring. With the TOGU® Challenge Disc, balance training can be practiced in a playful way by selecting games that require the users to perform a specific set of moves. Patients and athletes can train independently with the Challenge Disc without needing to be motivated or having trainer be present to instruct them. Playing these games for even just a few minutes can increase your balance performance and improve both your nervous and muscular systems.

The programs on the challenge disc can be adjust for different difficulty levels and are fun and inspiring to people of all ages. Contact your specialist if you think the TOGU® Challenge Disc is right for you.

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Article written by William Graves.