Product Spotlight: TOGU® Challenge Disc

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Balance and coordination skills are an important part of life. Togu Challenge DiscIt’s essential to continuously train those skills, so you do not lose them when you get older. With the TOGU® Challenge Disc, you can measure and improve your balance and coordination skills in a playful way.

Every move on the TOGU® Challenge Disc is being measured by an integrated sensor. This built-in motion sensor transfers your balance results data to end-devices (your computer, tablet or mobile device) using Bluetooth 4.0 and the Challenge Disc APP. The results are shown as a score that is calculated based on how well a user is able to keep the disc in a level position while standing on it.

The TOGU® Challenge Disc APP provides balance training activities for all performance levels and ages. These activities include tests, games and training programs that are suitable for therapists, fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and trainers. Use this balance tool in a gym, at home or even in the doctor’s office. Patients and athletes alike can train independently with the APP or with a trainer at their side. With the various training challenges within the APP, the Challenge Disc can provide coaching and motivation to participants.

The TOGU® Challenge Disc is great for improving a user’s balance and coordination skills. The user must download the Challenge Disc APP on a computer, tablet or mobile device to use this balance tool. This free APP takes over the coaching task and offers targeted coordination training programs for the legs, back and core. To see if the TOGU® Challenge Disc is right for you, please consult your doctor.

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Article written by William Graves.