A Quick Pre-Thanksgiving Workout

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Picture this. It is thanksgiving morning and you are looking to prepare for the feast ahead. A Quick Pre-Thanksgiving WorkoutYou got your stretchy pants ready and maybe you are skipping breakfast. One more thing you can do before you start filling your face with food is a quick workout. By doing this you don’t have to worry about gaining too much weight this holiday season. Time is of the essence as you have a lot of things to do today, but making time for a quick 20 to 30-minute workout will make you feel better about eating a lot later. The best workout you can do in this short amount of time is circuit training.

Circuit training is perfect because you don’t need any equipment and you can burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time. To begin, warm up with some jumping jacks. To do this, stand upright with your legs together and your arms at your sides. Bend your knees slightly and jump into the air. As you jump, spread your legs to be about shoulder-width apart and stretch your arms out and over your head. Jump back to starting position and do this for one minute.

Next, you will do some pushups. To do this, start in a plank position. Have your hands a little wider than shoulder width apart. Then lower your body just slightly off the ground and then push up with your chest and arms. Do as many as you can do in 30 seconds.

Lastly, do some squat jumps. You can do this by keeping your feet hip width apart and squat down. Have your knees stacked on top of your ankles and make sure they do not go over your toes. Use your leg muscles to push your body off the ground and reach as high as you can. Do as many as you can for one minute.

When you are doing these workouts, be sure to go at your own pace and don’t overexert yourself. Do these exercises for 3 to 4 rounds and you will be ready to feast!

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Article written by William Graves.