Running with Weights

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Walking and running are very good forms of exercise which can lead to a healthy lifestyle. Running with WeightsSome people like to add weights to their cardio exercises to increase the challenge. However, does it really make you stronger? This answer varies from person to person, but there is some evidence that running with weights can increase your calorie burn, top speed, posture and bone health.

Although running with weights can increase your physical activity, it won’t necessarily make you a bodybuilder. Adding weights to a cardio activity is not a very effective way to build muscle mass. It can make you a stronger runner if that is your fitness goal.

Running with weights helps build strength in some ways but not all and you should use caution when using them. Running with weights can help your posture if you are doing it correctly but can also negatively impact you posture and your joints if you do it incorrectly. This is because the added weight can affect your normal running form. To safely train, be sure to start off slow and adding only a small amount of weight to your run. You can avoid injury by running with no more than a three-pound weight per arm or leg, and no more than 10 percent of your body weight for a vest. Additionally, to stay safe be sure to not add too much weight and if you are starting to experience joint pain, seek medical attention immediately.

Running with weights is a great way to become a stronger runner and does not really affect your muscle growth like the way resistance training does. If you want to be a stronger runner and run with weights, be sure to start with very light weights and check with your doctor first before exercising.

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Article written by William Graves.