Stabilization Training for Runners

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Stabilization Training

For runners, being able to run longer and faster is important to them. Going for a run requires a whole lot more than just using your legs, it involves your whole musculoskeletal system. Which is why some serious runners rely on stabilization training to help them get better at running. Stabilization training strengthens the deeper lying muscle groups that control and absorb the forces that affect the joints and body while running. With the TOGU® Balanza® BallStep, you can take you stabilization training to the next level! Below are some exercises to get you started:

Superman or Superwoman

The Superman (or Superwoman) exercise helps with stabilization and is very good for your back. To begin, get on top of the TOGU® Balanza® BallStep with your hands and knees planted firmly on the board. Next, stretch out your left arm and right leg as if you were flying through the air. Hold this position for a few seconds. Do this same movement with your opposite side to complete the rep. Practice this exercise as many times as you want until you feel limber enough for a run.


The jackknife exercise, also known as a “V-up”, is a great exercise for both stabilization training and strengthening your abdominal muscles. First, you begin by lying on the TOGU® Balanza® BallStep with your arms outstretched behind your head. Be sure to keep your arms and legs raised. Then bring your arms and legs together to meet above your midriff so that you look kind of like a jackknife. Next, slowly ease your arms and legs back to starting position to perform the rep. Do this as many times until you feel your abdominal start to burn.

Leg Extension Exercise

A stabilization exercise you can do to strengthen both your back legs and abdominals is the leg extension exercise. To begin, place both legs on the TOGU® Balanza® BallStep while lying flat on the ground with your arms stretched out wide on the floor. Next, lift your buttocks from the floor and then extend right leg. Then slowly bring that leg down to the starting position and repeat this motion with the opposite leg. Practice this exercise as many times as you feel necessary until you start to feel a nice stretch in both of your back legs.

There are so many possibilities with the TOGU® Balanza® BallStep that it is hard to list all the stabilization training exercises you can do. Simply try some of these out and many more that were not listed and see what is best for you.

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Article written by William Graves.