Staying Active with CanDo® MGE™

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If you want to stay healthy and active this month, we recommend the CanDo® MGE™ Exerciser. This lightweight resistance exerciser can help you do strength training anywhere at anytime. It’s perfect for an indoor home workout if you’re stuck indoors. With the MGE™, your options of doing high impact exercises are limitless. Below we have listed some great exercises you can do for the month of May with the CanDo® MGE™ exerciser:

Biceps Curl

Staying Active with CanDo® MGE™

The bicep curl is a classic upper body workout which now can be done with the MGE™. To begin, place your hands inside the Large Grips at each end and place your feet on the center of the exerciser hip-width apart. Then slip your feet into the grips they are standing on so that you feel the tension at the mid-line. With an open or closed hand grip, lower your arms into starting position by keeping your palms supinated. Then raise your hands to your shoulders by bending at the elbow and keeping your upper arms at your sides. Hold this pose briefly before slowly returning to starting position. If you want to increase the resistance, move your grip to the next Large Grip down.

Hip Kick

Staying Active with CanDo® MGE™ - Hip Kick

The hip kick is a great lower body exercise you can do to increase strength in your legs. To begin, place each foot into a Large Grip, with one Large Grip in-between them and pull the grip up to ankle height. With feet hip-width apart, lean to one side and gain balance on that one foot. Then, with your knees straight, kick outwards to the side with the other foot. Continue kicking without letting that leg touch the ground. After a series of kicks, return to the standing position and switch legs and repeat from the beginning.

Side Plank Pull

Staying Active with CanDo® MGE™ - Side Plank Pull

The side plank pull is a great workout for your core. To begin, lay on your side on a padded surface and place both hands in a Large Grip at the desired distance to create the preferred resistance. Then, lean on your bent arm located directly below your shoulder and raise your hips off the ground and engage your core to stabilize you. After you have done that, bend your elbow at a 90° angle and have it close to your side. Rotate your open hand outward until It can’t move any further. Hold this pose briefly and return to starting position and then repeat on both sides.

The MGE™ is specially designed to provide unlimited exercise options to users who want to do various high-impact exercises anywhere they want. Promoting a healthy and active lifestyle could not be easier! If you feel the CanDo® MGE™ is right for you, please consult your therapist.

To learn more about the CanDo® MGE™, click here.

Article written by William Graves.