Staying Warm this Winter

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Winter is almost officially upon us and you have probably already started to feel it. Staying Warm this WinterThe freezing winds with colder temperatures and hints of snowfall would make anyone just want to stay home where it is warm. Unfortunately, we all cannot all just stay home and hibernate through the Wintertime so below we’ve listed some tips to stay warm this Winter season.

Wear Layers

The obvious but also the most important tip we can give is to wear layers. Wearing thicker clothing or adding layers can help keep the heat from escaping your body. Even though the body naturally breaks down foods to heat your body, it is your job to keep that heat using clothing in order to stay warm. Once the body runs out of a food source to warm the body, if you are not wearing proper clothing you will start to freeze. It is very important to keep your arms, legs, hands, feet as well as other parts of the body warm as possible. Specific clothing we suggest you wear outside in the cold are: a long coat with a couple of layers underneath, a hat, thick pants, gloves and warm socks. Wearing this will help you keep warm when you do plan to go outside.

Staying Active

Remaining physically active throughout the winter will also help you stay warm. The more activity you do, the more your muscles will begin to contract and break down nutrients to generate heat. Staying active in the Winter may be hard to do, as cold weather does tend to reduce motivation. However, even running in place for a couple minutes can help you stay warm.

Choosing a Different Diet

Yes, the amount food you eat can affect how warm you can get. Eating increases the body’s production of heat which is why some animals eat a lot before they hibernate for the winter. While snacking before bed may not generate a huge amount of heat, it does do something. This is because your metabolism will process food throughout the night, breaking it down and generating heat.

Being cold is never a good feeling, which is why you choose to eat more, stay active and wear layers when you go out. Following all of these tips will help you stay comfortable this coming Winter whether you choose to be indoors or out.

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Article written by William Graves.