The Benefits of Pilates

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The Benefits of Pilates

No matter what you exercise you do, any kind of exercise is good for you. Whether that be lifting weights or going for a run. Pilates is an exercise method that can be done by just about anyone regardless of age, gender or current fitness level. It uses your whole body to improve your daily activities. Giving you a whole host of benefits that might inspire you to continue doing it throughout life.

Created in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates and popularized by celebrities, Pilates has become a very popular physical activity. This is due to how long, lean and sculpted your body can get from doing Pilates. Not only that but it can also help with depression and pain, the most notable being back pain. Though there is some emphasis on your core, having core strength is not the goal of Pilates. The goal is to achieve strength through muscle balance and being able to fine-tune neuromuscular patterns through low impact exercises. Low impact exercises are great for people of all ages because it means they don’t have to go crazy during their workout. People should be going at a steady pace when it comes to Pilates. Practicing balancing along with flexibility to help give more freedom to your daily activities and have less pain.

From the outside looking in, Pilates can seem deceptively simple. There are challenges to this exercise method because you are using your entire body, focusing on your core muscles and joints to achieve balance and flexibility. When done correctly and with good form, Pilates can be extremely effective. Improving posture as well as preventing you from getting hurt in the future. Pilates also increase your overall energy and enhance your bodies awareness. This is because you are focusing on your breathing, heightening your senses and feeling your surrounding environment. The inward focus and use of breath in Pilates can also decrease any stress you may have felt. Making it in a way, very similar to practicing Yoga.

It is amazing how much Pilates can benefit you. The fact that it is available for anyone to try can be inspiring. You can join a Pilates class or become familiar with it first at home. By becoming consistent with it you can truly gain all the benefits of Pilates and improve your daily livelihood.

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Article written by William Graves.