The Best Tools for an Occupational Therapist

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Occupational Therapist - CanDo® Graded Pinch Finger Exerciser

There is no doubt that occupational therapy plays an important role in peoples lives. This is thanks to both the skill and knowledge of the Occupational Therapist and the tools they use. A lot of people can recover both mentally and physically through therapeutic simulation of everyday activities. Below are some of the very best tools an occupational therapist may use to help you recover:

CanDo® Graded Pinch Finger Exerciser

The CanDo® Graded Pinch Finger Exerciser is perfect for those recovering from an injury that involved breaking or spraining their finger. It offers resistance hand exercises for individuals who have lost their ability to pinch and grip. The graded pinch finger exerciser can help patients improve their pinch strength through repeated use until they are able to perform everyday tasks independently. Over time, the patient can go from a color-coded light resistance pinch pin to a heavier resistance one. This will show both the therapists and patients visually that the patient’s finger strength is improving.

CanDo® TheraPutty®

CanDo® TheraPutty®

There is a reason why TheraPutty® has been the industry standard exercise putty for more than 30 years. It is versatile, easy to use, and available in a variety of resistance levels. Each color-coded putty has a different resistance (consistency) ranging from xx-soft for strengthening a weak grasp to extra-firm for developing a strong grip. Aside from the original, TheraPutty® can also come scented, antimicrobial, microwavable and can even sparkle to engage those with sensory issues during their hand therapy sessions. TheraPutty® is the standard amongst occupational therapists in resistive hand exercise material.



To regain hand motor functions that improve daily life skills, Occupational Therapists look to use Puttycise® tools. Puttycise® tools consists of 5 functional tools which all work by inserting the tool base into exercise putty. Each durable plastic tool is specially designed to aid in performing functional exercises that mimic daily activities, like turning a key. Both versatile and easy to use, these tools are the foundation on which occupational therapy is based on. Assisting people in recovering from injuries and regaining their skills.

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Article written by William Graves.