The Importance of Strong Ankles

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The Importance of Strong Ankles

Many of us take our ability to stand and move around for granted, but the truth is that having a strong set of ankles is essential in order to prevent injury and maintain healthy balance and mobility. Ankles that are weak or injured can lead to falls, strains, pain, inflammation, limited range of motion – all of which can greatly hinder your ability to carry out everyday activities. If weak or injured ankles have limited your mobility and lifestyle choices recently, it’s worth taking the time to understand why having stronger ankle muscles is so important.

As one of the body’s most major weight-bearing structures, ankles are fundamental in performing activities such as running, jumping, and balancing. It is one of the most heavily loaded joints as it connects the lower end of the tibia and fibula to the upper end of the talus. The ankle is interwoven to a complex interaction of bones, ligaments and muscles, which allows for a variety of movements. Which is why it can be debilitating to injure your ankle. Performing activities everyday involving your ankles can eventually lead to developing a variety of lower leg injuries, such as Achilles heel tendonitis and associated discomfort in the calf and foot. You can also develop ankle sprains and strains by rotating or tilting your foot the wrong way. All of which can severely limit your range of motion.

Having strong ankles can be crucial for your health, mobility and performance. To maintain or build strong ankles, it is recommended that you do ankle exercises every week. These exercises will specifically work on strengthening your ankles and help with stabilization. With the goal of living an active life by reducing the risk of an ankle injury. It is important to remember that if pain or injury persists, you should always see a doctor or physical therapist for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Ankles are important for the performance of everyday activities such as walking, running and jumping. Unfortunately, injuries to the ankle can greatly impede these activities and even lead to pain in other parts of the body like the calves and feet. Therefore, practicing preventative measures and strengthening and stretching exercises as part of an overall ankle care fitness plan are wise moves to ensure healthy, strong ankles.

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Article written by William Graves.