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If you checked our article “Choose CanDo® for the Holidays” you know that the holidays are right around the corner! Baseline® Fold-Up™ MonofilamentsIt is time to find that perfect present for that special someone. If you know that your special someone uses measurement tools, why not choose something from Baseline®. Below are some of our newer Baseline® products that your special someone may not have:

Baseline® Fold-Up™ Monofilaments:

Baseline® Fold-Up™ Monofilaments provide a non-invasive way to evaluate the normal sensory threshold with objective and repeatable results. The fold-up technology in the monofilaments is must have for clinicians on-the-go who don’t want their nylon filament to become damaged. Each color-coded monofilament level represents a unique amount of force which is marked by grams of force, filament size and color. The levels range in size from 1.65 to 6.65. These monofilaments are great gifts for therapists and doctors who regularly evaluate the sensory thresholds of their patients.

Baseline® Pedometers:

The Baseline® Pedometer comes in three different models: LiTE®, Standard, and Deluxe. Each model features a protective case, safety strap, large easy-to-read digital display, and calorie measuring chart. The calorie measuring chart tells you how many calories you burned based on your weight and the number of steps you take. These pedometers are great gifts for those who are calorie and weight conscious and like to know the number of steps they take per day.

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Article written by William Graves.