The Most Popular Chiropractic Tools

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The Most Popular Chiropractic Tools

The number one most popular chiropractic tool is the chiropractor’s own hands, but sometimes their hands need some additional help to provide the best care possible. If you ever looked around a chiropractor’s office, there are all sorts of tools that can help them out when needed. These are some of the most popular or common tools every chiropractor should have:

CanDo® Treatment Tables

By far the most common tool for a chiropractor is a treatment table. You will see pretty much every chiropractor using it with their patients to help realign and manipulate parts of their musculoskeletal system. CanDo® treatment tables are designed and tested to offer work surfaces that are durable, rigid, and comfortable. These treatment tables also offer a ton of storage space underneath to store all the tools a chiropractor needs to get the job done.

Skillbuilders® Positioning Wedge

The next common tool a chiropractor might use is a positioning wedge. These wedges help elevate and support a patient when a specific adjustment is being performed. Wedges are especially useful when it isn’t easy for the chiropractor to make an adjustment on a flat or inclined treatment table. The Skillbuilders® Positioning Wedge are made of molded foam, making it comfortable for patients. There are also various types of wedges offered for perfect functional positioning. Chiropractors may place the positioning wedge under your knees, neck, or lower back depending on the affected area that needs treatment.

CanDo® Exercise Band

Arguably the most popular and probably the most versatile tool a chiropractor might have is a CanDo® Exercise Band. Surprisingly, resistance bands are quite common for many chiropractic treatment plans. Depending on your chiropractor, their office may look more like a physical therapist’s office depending on how useful they feel exercise equipment is. CanDo® Exercise bands can aid in rehabilitation and strengthening of the human body. They come in various color-coded resistance levels and sizes. There is even a latex-free version just in case there are patients with a latex allergy.

The next time you visit your chiropractor, you will probably spot all the items talked about. Each chiropractic tool is designed to help you find relief from pain. If you are in search for an alternative from of pain relief, be sure to visit a chiropractor and see what they can do for you.

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Article written by William Graves.