TheraPutty® Exercises

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TheraPutty® is a rehabilitative exercise putty that can be used for many different exercises to strengthen hands. TheraPutty® exercisesIf you are recovering from hand surgery or have limited mobility in your hands, below are some TheraPutty® exercises you can do to help improve your hands:

Grip Strengthening

TheraPutty® is used in a wide range of situations but its main use is to increase grip strength. Two examples of grip strength exercises are “full fist” and “hook fist”. To perform a full fist grip, start by placing the putty in the center of your palm, then bend your fingers as far as possible against the resistance of the putty. This movement allows for gripping objects such as a hammer. To perform a hook fist grip, begin by bending just the knuckles in your fingers while keeping the large knuckles at the base of your fingers straight. This exercise is used for activities such as carrying a briefcase by its handle. Doing these exercises repeatedly will help improve grip strength.

Fine Motor Skills

Besides strengthening grip, TheraPutty® can also be used to improve fine motor skills. For instance, therapists may press small beads or coins into the putty, then ask their patient to pick them out. Doing this digging and pinching motion to get the coin out of the exercise putty will help improve the patient’s hand dexterity.

Finger Strengthening

Not only can TheraPutty® help with grip, it can help with strengthening individual fingers. A good exercise for the fingers is squeezing and pulling apart the putty. Doing this a couple times will help improve finger strength and show any weakness in the fingers. Physical therapists can then analyze your finger strength and change the resistance accordingly.

For improved finger and grip strength, we suggest TheraPutty®. Please consult your doctor if you think TheraPutty® is right for you.

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Article written by William Graves.