Weighted Therapy Blanket

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Have you ever used a relaxing weighted blanket? Weighted Therapy BlanketIf you have, you probably already know about therapy blankets. Most Occupational Therapists know that a light physical touch can be overstimulating for people with sensory processing dysfunction. To combat this dysfunction, Occupational Therapists suggest using a weighted therapy blanket.

Using a therapy blanket can make a person feel relaxed. The weight of a therapy blanket provides a deep touch that releases serotonin in the brain. This serotonin can, in turn, help regulate brain functions making the body feel more relaxed.

In addition to being a relaxation tool, weighted blankets can combat overstimulation. Individuals with Autism, or sensory processing dysfunction, have difficulty with sensory modulation and regulation. With this they tend to have an oversensitivity to sensory stimulation. To help this, therapy blankets can be used to prevent overstimulation by hugging the user with the right amount of weight until he or she drifts off to sleep. This action is very similar to swaddling infants in wrapped blankets to make them feel safe and secure to fall asleep.

In a clinical setting, many doctors are now incorporating weighted blankets to make their patient feel better before surgery. Patients claim to be more relaxed during surgery than they do without a weighted therapy blanket. This is because oversensitivity to trauma during surgery is mitigated through a relaxing therapy blanket. The weighted blanket makes the patient feel secure and comfortable for surgery.

Therapy blankets are perfect for individuals with autism or sensory processing dysfunction. They are also an effective relaxation tool.

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Article written by William Graves.