Tips to Avoid Cabin Fever at Home

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Are you getting distressed and bored from being home all day? Tips to Avoid Cabin Fever at HomeYou might not have the symptoms of COVID-19 but instead cabin fever. Cabin fever does not actually give you a fever, but it can give you a feeling of being bored because you have been in your home for too long. Most human beings are social animals and like to go outside and interact with other people. Staying inside by yourself all day is the exact opposite of that. Here are some tips you can do at home to avoid cabin fever:

Come up with a Routine

Being isolated can take a little structure out of your life because you are not used to being at home with nothing to do. But you don’t have to let that structure be taken away from you as you can make up a new routine. You may not have your usual structure of going to work or school, but you can make up new goals and a daily routine you can look forward to each day. For instance, you can set up your normal 3 meal a day routine but then add projects or workout time in between. You can even set up downtime schedule of a movie night or a board game night (if you’re quarantined with a partner) every night after dinner.


The gyms may be closed but that should not prevent you from working out every day. If you are not used to working out every day, now is a good time to get into shape since you have more time on your hands. You can try going outside for a daily walk or order some exercise equipment and start working out in the comfort of your own home. Working out gives you something to do and keeps you healthy.

Prevent Boredom

The main objective of avoiding cabin fever is to not get yourself bored or too lazy to want to do anything. Which is why you should maintain a proper social life (whether that be on video chat) and find hobbies you can do while you are at home. Self-isolating does not mean you have to be alone; you can play video games online, chat with people on the phone, do video chats with friends, or even start an online book club.

Being stuck at home does not have to be torture. You can make the best out of it by following these tips so you can stay home and have a good time while staying safe.

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Article written by William Graves.