Training for Winter Sports in Spring

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Are you an avid skier? Spring is here, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop practicing for winter sports. Winter Sports Ski TrainerProfessional skiers don’t just stop once the ice melts and neither should you. There is a way to start practicing for the new season of winter sports without traveling far distances to ski resorts. Try using the TOGU® Senso Ski Trainer, the balance trainer by TOGU® for beginners.

With the TOGU® Ski Trainer you can exercise muscles used for skiing at any time of the year. Train yourself by using both sides of the ski trainer for strength, coordination and balance. Many top athletes at Olympic sports clubs use the same Ski Trainer to actively use muscles for skiing. For optimal performance, the Ski Trainer uniquely combines the TOGU® Senso Vein Trainer and a TOGU® balance cushion. You can use both sides as a 2 in 1 balance tool for a maximum effect.

For more intensive training for the deep lying musculature apperception, here are some tips on how to use the Ski trainer:

The first exercise is called the Telemark exercise. It is a simple stepping exercise used to help improve your ankles, knees and hip. To start, flip over the ski trainer so that the circular cushion is facing upwards. Then do a lunge with one leg moving forward and stepping onto the cushion with the other leg bent back. Step back into your original position and do the same thing with your other leg to complete the exercise.

The second exercise is a bit more challenging as it involves the full body to do the exercise. To begin, place both of your feet on each of the knobbed surfaces. Then go into a squatting position with your back arched and both of your knees bent. Hold this position for 60 seconds or for as long as you can.

Practicing this exercises with the TOGU® Senso Ski Trainer will keep you muscles trained to perform in the next ski season. To see if this balance trainer is right for you, please consult your specialist to avoid injury.

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Article written by William Graves.