Use AIREX® for Exercising Outdoors

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As mentioned in our previous article, exercising outdoors can help save money and time as well as improve your mood. AIREX® for Exercising OutdoorsHowever, your mood might not be so great if you need to sit, stand or kneel on some hard ground. For those who need extra cushion when exercising outdoors, we recommend using AIREX® mats.

AIREX® mats can be used for many different outdoor exercises, including outdoor yoga. Doing yoga can be fun when outdoors and the cushioning of an AIREX® mat can help with whatever position you are trying to attempt, even on hard ground. AIREX® mats are lightweight, comfortable and do not slide on the floor or ground. They are made from closed-cell foam with a molded skin for extra toughness. These mats also feature a transverse ribbing pattern which is molded into the mat to resist tearing. This durability is perfect for taking these mats outside! Also, these mats have enough flexibility to be rolled-up for carrying and storage. This portability is great for traveling and exercising anywhere.

AIREX® mats are ideal for individual workouts and yet tough enough for use in fitness centers and therapy clinics, as well as the outdoors. Select mats come with grommets or without. If you opt for the grommets, it will make it easier to hang the mat for better storage if you have a mat rack. AIREX® mats come in different sizes and color. Pick the one that best suits your needs.

If you’re exercising outside and need a little more cushion when working out, look no further than AIREX® mats. They are soft yet firm and are very durable for wherever you are trying to exercise.

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Article written by William Graves.