Use Puttycise® for Occupational Therapy

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One service that Occupational Therapists provide to individuals is hand therapy. Occupational Therapy with Puttycise Tools In situations, some people may incur a hand injury that they wouldn’t be able to fully recover from. This is where Occupational Therapy can help. Occupational Therapists treat people who won’t fully recover but want to be able to get through day with some use in their hands. It is then the Occupational Therapist’s job to provide hand therapy exercises that can improve his or her patient’s performance in doing everyday tasks.

Hand therapy is important because we as individuals rely on our hands to do most of our everyday activities. TheraPutty® exercise material is commonly used to increase function and versatility in individual’s hands. Using Puttycise® Tools with TheraPutty® you can perform functional hand exercises that can aid in everyday asks. With this collection of tools, you will able to use your hands to twist and turn in no time. Puttycise® tools include: the cap turn, key turn, knob turn, L-bar, and peg turn. Each hand-held tool helps the user simulate various functions essential to everyday life skills. For example, the knob turn tool simulates opening a door or twisting open tough pickle jars. When paired with TheraPutty® the exercise difficulty can be increased or decreased depending on the firmness of the putty used.

To regain hand motor functions that improve daily life skills, Occupational Therapists use hand therapy. After a hand injury some people may not be able to fully recover physically, but with Occupational Therapy they can recover the functional hand skills needed for everyday tasks.

Before you do any exercises mentioned with Puttycise® tools, it is good to consult your Occupational Therapists first. Allow your therapist to teach you the exercises needed to increase hand strength so injury does not occur.

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Article written by William Graves.