Warmup with CanDo® Tubing with Handles

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As mentioned in our previous article, it is important to warmup before exercising to get your blood pumping and reduce your risk of injury. Warmup with CanDo® Tubing with HandlesOne piece of exercise equipment that’s great to warmup with is CanDo® Tubing with Handles. Lightweight, compact and portable, this tubing exerciser helps you warmup in various ways prior to your more intensive workout routine. Below are some warmups you can do with CanDo® Tubing with Handles:


To get your legs ready for a brisk run outside, it is good to do some squats first. To begin, stand on the tubing and center your feet about shoulder-width apart. Next, grab the handles on both ends and hold the handles up by your shoulders while you bend as if you are going to sit in a chair. Return to standing and repeat until you feel your legs are warmed up.

Bench Press

Even if you are just going for a run outside, you should warmup your chest muscles. With a bench press warmup, you can increase blood flow to the chest muscles so your chest does not get cold during the run. To begin, have the center of the tubing at chest level and face yourself away from the anchor while grabbing the handles at each end. Next, have your thumbs at your armpits and fully extend your arms in front of your body. Slowly release to the starting position and repeat until you feel your chest warmed up.

Bicep curl

If you’re going outside for a run, it’s not a bad idea to warmup your arm muscles so they will not get stiff and cold. To begin, step in the middle of the exercise band and grab each handle with both of your hands. Next, with your palm facing forward, bend your elbow, bringing your hand up toward your shoulder. Keep your wrist straight and bend only at the elbow. Slowly release and repeat until you feel warmed up.

CanDo® Tubing with Handles is available in 7 levels of resistance and 3 lengths to accommodate different needs. Please consult your doctor if you think CanDo® Tubing with Handles is right for you.

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Article written by William Graves.