Wearing a Face Mask Properly

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Wearing a Face Mask Properly

With businesses starting to slowly reopen around the U.S we must get used to the new norm of wearing face masks everywhere we go. This allows stores and businesses to have a safe environment for their customers and their employees. Below we detail what a face masks does and how to properly wear a face mask.

A face mask can be anything that covers your face to help protect you and the people around you from spreading diseases. You can make one yourself or buy one from a manufacturer who makes disposable or reusable masks. Masks made by the manufacturer can offer a varying degree of protection that helps people feel more protected depending on how much protection they feel comfortable with. A three-ply surgical mask is the most common disposable mask as it can prevent the spread of disease and be thrown out when you want. Other disposable masks include the N95 mask, which can filter small particles from the air and prevents leakage around the edge of the mask when the user inhales. Both masks can be reusable, but it is not recommended as they can start to get dirty after each use. Reusable masks are just as good if not better as you can throw them in the wash to have a nice and clean mask ready to take on a new day.

Whichever mask type you choose to use, it can only help prevent the spread of the disease when worn properly. If it is worn wrong, the mask it will not be of any help to you during this pandemic or anything that might come. The proper way of using the face mask is to first start by washing your hands or using hand sanitizer before touching it. This way when you touch the mask, you do not transfer any bacteria you might have on your hands to your face. If you are using a disposable mask, make sure the ear loops are around each ear and that the metal strip is on the top of your nose. This is so you can mold the bendable metallic strip to fit your nose and face. Next, pull the bottom part of the mask to your chin so that it covers your mouth and make sure it fits snug and not loose. The mask should not be below your mouth and should not be adjusted with your hands while you are out and about. It is recommended to only touch or remove your mask after you have washed or sanitized your hands again.

Wearing a face mask can be annoying at times, but it will get easier to live with over time. If you follow these steps and wear your mask properly it will be helpful in preventing diseases from spreading.

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Article written by William Graves.